More Than Release Notes

Sean Davis
2 min readSep 18, 2021


Hello, hello. First time. I’m Sean! Nice to meet you! 👋

Greetings to the Medium family of writers. Today I join your ranks as a long-time contributor to free and open source software (FOSS). For years and years, I’ve only written on my own publication at My writing so far has been largely technical, focusing on getting information about new software releases out to the world.

Writing only about free software releases makes it really hard to talk about anything else. My connection to Xfce and Xubuntu also makes it hard to present an opinion without it being attributed to the project in some way, informing public opinion, or being referenced in later discussions. So here are my goals for this platform: Be human and be an individual.

What will I write about? FOSS development and controversies (how could I not?), gaming, anime, music, movies… whatever I’m interested in really. There’s a lot of things that I want to talk about, and Medium will be my outlet. Will it be consistent? Absolutely not. But it will be mildly interesting. My angle? A Linux geek using whatever works for him.

Some things I’m throwing together in my head:

  • Developing Linux from Windows 11
  • Snap, Flatpak, and Debian packaging
  • GTK themes in the age of GNOME 41+
  • Building the perfect Linux distribution
  • The staying power of 2D platformers
  • Enjoying poorly-rated films

Subscribe and come back for a different take on the world. Need something to do in the meantime?

  • Check out Berserk Boy on Steam. It’s an upcoming 2D platform very reminiscent of the Mega Man Zero games. It’s got a demo out now and it’s a blast!
  • The final season of Lucifer just dropped on Netflix. This show is an absolutely wild ride and worth the watch.
  • Try a different Linux distro to see what all the fuss is about. Xubuntu (Xfce), elementary (Pantheon), and Fedora (GNOME 40) are all fun. I’ve recently struggled with Manjaro… btw, I apparently can’t run Arch.



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